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Stormigrl Poetry

By Marianne Trox


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Son, You'll Do OK
Crimson Leaf
Looking Out The Window
Lord Don't Cry for Me
You Taught Me Everthing
Mom, Thanks
The Day the Angels Came for You
You Taught Me
Good-Bye (To 9/11)
Our Mountains
Like The Wind
When We Were
Darkness Falls
My Lover And Friend
Where There Is No Place To Go!
Corrupted Souls
I Am Who I Am
The Darker Grey Path
I Dreamt of Solemn Bliss
I Will Treasure You Always
Ode to 2 That Fell in Love
Angels All Around Me
Not The Best: I'm Trophyless, Not Poemless
She Wrote With Bloody Hands
When You Say Nothing At All
Pieces Of Me
Cursed Words Upon You
The Dark Fable
The Storm
Left In Stoned Castles
Angels Saved Me
Dark Eyes
The Perfect Romp
Put To Death In Writing
The Dance of Love
Creep in a Gothic Society
She Was The Angelic Butterfly Of Love
Daddy, I Haven't Forgotten You
The Day It Rained In Heaven
The Sounds of Silence
Almost Killed Me (Suicidal)
Society Is Bringing Me Under Pressure
Death Of A Soldier
Newbie Alert
Living The Dream
If There Was A Girl
Live8Live: Stop Poverty
Are You Not Talking To Me?
The Dark Fable Returns
Hard To Say Goodbye
Life Is A Stage Waiting To Be Performed!
Free At Last
The Starry Stars of a Silver Serenity
Genielassie - Dedication
Breath-taking Forest
Lost in Your Poetic Bliss
Whispers in The Rain
Enchanting Death
Little Marianne Doll
Dreamers Silent
To The Hurricane Katrina Victims
Tortured and Mindless Being, A Father
Tim's Brother Said
The Official CB Room
Will "xBrokenSmilesx" Ever Smile Again?
Walking The Merry Ol Path
What Time Has Washed Away
Betrayed By The Beautiful Paula
I'll Think Of Your Love Forevermore Dear Tree
A Hallow's Eve
Wanting To Be Like You
I Have Some Friends That Are Starlites
Meeting With A Vampire
Draw The Air From My Lungs Into Your Soul
Searching For an AP Birthday
Love Of My Life
Never Been Much Of Anything
Having A Kirbysman of a Christmas
Sand In Your Face
A Cool November Rain
Angel of God Sent Me To Dreamland With A Poet2Angels In Love
Dead Pool
Anyone At All
And Ogreatbaldon - I Want To Be Your Friend From Afar!
Gone Country
Italian Restaurant
A Friendship Like Ours
A Friendship Loved
Happy Birthday Wish To Myself
What Was I To Do For A Friend
Thank You - Friendship
I Don't Care Anymore
Poetic Despair
She's Got Class: Audrey Hepburn vs Marianne Trox
No Longer Am I Your Friend
A Handful of Red Roses
Times Have Changed
Questions and Answers For You
Hope For A AP Family
A Letter For Derek (My Brother-in-Law)
Little Moments With You
This OLDE Man
So In Love
She Walks Like The Wind
I'm Not Really Anyone Really
Lost World
Getta Grip
His Hands Penned
Empty Halls
You Have My Heart
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