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A Hallow's Eve

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Far in the distance the enchantment of a house,

Surrounding itself into creepy dark trees.

A moment of silence within,

But the howling wind that echos your voice.

Come inside it creepily tells you,

You walk in to a SLAMMED shut door and chills.

As you walk to the door to open it you notice its locked,

So you are to embrace the cold all on your own.

On your immediate right is a skeleton of years past,

Laying with just the skull on the floor and crows hovering it.

The hair scattered on the floor within the cobwebs,

A distinct fragrance of blood chills you once again.

As you try to move onward in the place creaks are what you hear,

The ghosts are peeking in from the top floor to you.

You're fearing for your life as you know not what is to happen,

A dying sound gets louder in the distance cries.

"Helllllp meeeeee" is like the sound of a man dying,

You start to weep in the deepest fear of your life.

You have been held captive by the house that intrigued you,

You survey the floors to find the door and you open it,..

"GOTCHA!" A man jumps out and says scaring the jumpers out of you,

"Now for the stew, you're perfect" your thoughts are scattered.

You throw your backpack at him and he tumbles to the floor,

You run in directions trying to get away.

You find a broken window and climb through it,

Another man is there standing in a costume,..

"Trick or Treat?"

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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