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A Handful of Red Roses

A table with books of poetry for sale.

I opened the door this morning lo and behold,

I found a single red rose from my love.

His heart melted that day into mine,

As I felt his presence showering down on me from above.

The smell of his cologne all around me again,

As though nothing has changed that day.

But I knew he couldn't be here,

Because I remember the day he went away.

That last note before he said his farewell,

That moment they called him to a battle to fight.

I knew I would never see him again,

But I loved him with all my might.

Letters came and went on by and I wished,

Only to feel that humble embrace.

The day that he chose to be the Good Samaritan,

His love around me will never erase.

I remember the candles and that single red rose,

I hold it close to my heart everyday.

I wake up to his picture every morning,

And I remember that night when he passed away.

But a handful of red roses did hold me close,

And I will never what he said to me.

"Love wherever I go I'll know you will always love me,

But don't be afraid to let my wings soar free."

I must have cried tears and more tears did I,

But a handful of red roses is what kept me living still.

I have a hope that one day when my end comes to me too,

I will stand before him and hold him tight until.

But a handful of red roses we will both be,

Handing out our love to all our humble friends.

I will always remember them like they remember him,

And that to you is my Valentine wish to you I do send!

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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