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A Letter For Derek (My Brother-in-Law)

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Dear Derek,

I hope this letter finds you well,

And I hope that if not you will tell.

I am your sister-in-law and I do care,

With all I am I know life is sometimes not fair.

If you ever need me to help you out in your daily chores,

Just give me a call and let me know I'll come do your floors.

You are my brother-in-law and I know though you are blind its true,

That whatever life has to offer I'm glad to me it has offered you.

A friendship we have from me falling for your adoptive brother,

I would choose you over Derek above any other!

People can say what they want to say its true,

But I'm humbled because you hear me out too.

How could the world be cruel by thinking you can't hear?

I want to tell you friend and brother I'm glad you don't fear.

This world could be cruel in whatever way it wants too,

But overall Derek I'm glad you found your true love anew!

Take Care dear brother-in-law and know I'm always a phone call away,

and I'd help you in whatever way I can that's what families are for!


Love Marianne

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