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Angel of God Sent Me To Dreamland With A Poet2Angels In Love

A table with books of poetry for sale.

If I didn't know where I was headed I am sure to ask you,

For I know this path is a long one will you guide me through?

Whether I fall and I crumble when I cry in the dark,

Will you please take my hand and lead me out of this part?

I cried one night as I lay sleeping and was wondering why,

But when I looked up to the heavens a man said out of the sky.

Why are you crying dear child are you alone or afraid I'm not here,

For I have always been around you and you have nothing to fear.

So I tucked my head back down and hoped in a deep kneel down do pray,

That God will send AngelofGod,Dreamland and Poet2angels my way.

For I know not the difference of what may lift me up in love,

But I will know that one day when God sent an angel to me from above.

Now as I lay asleep in my bed oh so heavenly warm and still,

I've been thinking of my dear friends and the love of their will.

A time to cherish when you have someone you can turn to as a friend,

The power of their love travels from words and the times they spend.

Now "If" God didn't really care for me he could have sent no one instead,

But he knew of my hearts desires for he had it open to him and read.

When AngelofGod sent me To Dreamland with a Poet2angels in Love,

God granted all three wishes to me in one day all from above.

"If" ever you think you are alone in this world it's not true,

There is so many people in our lives that would take care of you.

They may be poets but they may be strangers from afar,

It doesn't matter who or where they are, they care just the way you are!

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