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Angels Saved Me

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Never thought they would want to take care of me,

But for some reason they did.

In that March Break of 1987 my memory was wiped from me,

Don't know much about the before really.

Always wanted to know where my place was in this world,

Always wondered if living was OK.

Never dreamed of a big accident happening to me,

Just "crossing over" was enough.

The day I flipped over that hose and fell down concrete stairs,

Its still implanted in me.

I don't question why I'm here I was told why,

"Come my child into the light and you will live forever."

Deep words that strike me inside the once silent person,

Has now been finally broken free.

I wasn't one who made friends, I was more bullied,

So instead of me trying to bully others I accept them.

The people of the past are exactly that to me,

But I love them as God loves us and his angels surround us.

I believe some part in this world there's angels in our lives,

Some may seem them and others may not know them yet.

But when I think of God and his angels that day,

I'm thankful for all the things I have.

I'm living, breathing and enjoying as much as I can,

But most of all I'm letting others know "Yes they are real!"

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