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Anyone At All

A table with books of poetry for sale.

There's something about the way that you smile,

I could feel my heart beat faster over time.

I'm so in love it has to be something so alive,

I hope that anywhere that I go you'll still be mine.

You could've been "Anyone at all" but I wanted you,

The one I could wake up next to and be thankful for.

I'm so glad that when I fall asleep you're still there,

You will still be the one I greet as I open my door.

There's something about the way you make me feel,

All that I could have possibly asked for I have.

Your hands holding mine and your phone calls to me,

I love that you could have been "Anyone At All" taking a 2 hour bath.

I remember that day when you and I exchanged our vows,

Something in the rainy day that we had was joined in love.

I couldn't have asked for anything more than this time with you,

I suppose I should be grateful for the prayers were answered from above.

I know you could have been anyone at all,..

But I'm so glad it was you.

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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