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Betrayed By The Beautiful Paula

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Betrayed by you

Your fake little smiles

I need to see it wherever I go

I wish only to stomp on it by my heavy foot

You crave the attention you can get because no one gives it

Your prance around like you are some kind of movie star that you are not

But I

Your fake little friend

The needing that you once had

A wish only to give you ground to grow

I craved that your death would make me smile again and it did

I danced in the glories of your sick mindedness and pleasures

I know

Your fake little words

The time of need does fade

I wish that someday you will grow up

Your cravings of being that super model will soon die

Your little imaginary friends will soon all disappear in the distance

I shout

Your fake beauty dies

The needing has all faded

I know my wish will come true

For your craving of being beautiful forever I'll have killed

For I shall dance as I kill the words betrayed by the beautiful,PAULA!

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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