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A table with books of poetry for sale.


I was CENSORED out of being CENSORED,

I couldn't even CENSOR out what I wanted CENSORED.

Now all my CENSOR has even CENSORED out my vision,

The vision of being CENSORED is overrated.

UCLA Magic:

This CENSORED day is getting on my CENSORED nerves.

CENSORED, this isn't what I CENSORED deserve.

I CENSORED her for a reason,

Not just because of the CENSORED season.

I hope you learn your CENSORED lesson.

What the CENSORED am I saying.

I like to fart.Farting is good for the heart.Hmmm, the aroma, smells like CENSORED.

My feet, they stink, smells like a horse's CENSORED.

Please, don't talk, your breath, it stinks.

Smells like an elephant's CENSORED.

You know, elephant's lays tons of CENSORED.

It stacks up very high.


No I hear what your CENSORED says its true.

Life seems to get this way so CENSORED.

I felt so CENSORED that I couldn't speak.

It was driving me censoring nuts.

Yeah the nuts that are CENSORED are good for you.

I figured it couldn't get anymore CENSORED then this.


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