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Daddy, I Haven't Forgotten You

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Daddy, I sit upon your lap and you tell me stories.

Caring for all my worries and me.

You take me to all those swimming lessons watch me!

I am growing up before your very eyes, I'm gonna be free!

Daddy, you're getting older and I am a child still,

I am growing fast can you tell?

To have many lives to fulfill.

I am just about a teen and starting to like boys,

But I still love you and enjoy all my dolls and toys.

Daddy, we may have had our times but I am thankful for you,

For everything in my life you have supported me through.

I may have not given you credit throughout it all,

But you know me.

I was young and still small.

Daddy, I am getting confirmed from elementary school,

I am glad it's almost over because I hated those kids so cruel.

You remember when I had that accident done upon my face?

Well they made fun of me and that moment will ne'er erase.

Daddy, you watched me grow into a woman I came to be,

I am dancing in circles daddy please watch me.

I started dating guys and I know you didn't like them all,

But it's ok daddy, look at me, I'm 5'9 tall!

Daddy, I am entering college and I am sure to try real hard,

I'll play the deck right and throw down every bad card.

You know I've failed some courses but you stood by my side,

Told me its ok, just as long as I tried.

Daddy, you are getting older and your living with life by the pills,

With a many dream of mine to fulfill.

Can you believe it I am done college and looking for jobs here?

I know some will turn me down but I will have no fear!

Daddy, you are about to see something happen in my life,

I am turning into someone's wife!

I've been through some tough times with my health,

But I will try to care of myself!

Daddy, something happening to you, are you ok?

What can I do? I feel in my heart I owe it to you.

The doctor's tell you, ma, bro it's cancer, but you wouldn't tell me,

What? Did I not deserve not to be the one to see?

Daddy, Ma told me hope that is ok now,

I know your life will leave you somehow.

4 months to one year is what they said,

You lived 7 months instead.

Daddy your friends never came to visit you at home,

I was there so you wouldn't feel so alone.

You were put into a hospital bed,

I did visit to say "I love you's" on your precious head.

Daddy, I know it was a sad time to see you unconscious there,

I didn't leave because I wanted you to know that I cared.

Your life is going to be with God tonight,

I will say this "Go with the angels, I'll see you soon" in the light.

Daddy, Ma, Bro and I visited you the day after you died,

It was when ma and I cried and she said "visit paradise."

You may be gone now but your spirit lives on in my heart,

No, not anyone can take that from me apart.

For daddy you are mine and you will always be,

A definite part of me!

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