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Happy Birthday Wish To Myself

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Perhaps I have already said too much,

But I have not lost my touch.

In this life of mine do come true,

Is a friendship wish from all of you.

For today is my dear wonderful birthday yes siree,

Please oh please save some cake for me.

I love all that frosting and all that poetry glow,

Come one come all some Poetry of a Show.

So as I celebrate another year older and wiser anew,

I hope to get more brain cells to have a better clue.

But in this life of mine I know thing so close to my heart,

Its the love of you who read me and I hope no one tears apart.

So dream with me as today is such a favorable day,

And bid me wishes til 11:45pm when it becomes my birthday anyway.

Thank you one and thank you many and all,

I love the who pack of you from the very tall and small!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and anyone who is celebrating today!!

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