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Having A Kirbysman of a Christmas

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Off to the merry ol wind of a friend,

Onto a jingle bell ringing time til the end.

I don't know where the reindeer shall fly,

But I ain't gonna be asking questions not I!

So off to places I have never ever did see,

I'm bound to get a ticket in the land of AP!

So up in the world where I don't know,

A kirbysman is the only song of Ho Ho Ho.

Down the chimney of a funny man I shall see,

What is this I hear a yip yip yipeee!

Oh no! I cannot believe this to be true,

That kirbysman is stuck in the chimney somehow.

I look away and point to the north and pray,

That I will be in Canada again my home to stay!

So into the sleigh I've taken off with the reindeer rudolph,

I won't forget me elves who are still playing golf!

So away we go, I sit back to relax,

But thinking of the kirbysman who may need some exlax.

Away back to the US border where he's still in that chimney,

Away we go kirbysman,.. "Out, Out, Out, one, two, three!"

I pull and I tug with the elves hurdling to the top of the sleigh,

Away we go my friend hip hip hooray!

Out comes the kirbysman with a good ol holiday cheer,

And blessings to you all and throughout your NEW YEAR!

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