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I Have Some Friends That Are Starlites

A table with books of poetry for sale.

I have some friends that are Starlites,

They glow from poem to poem its true.

Some people love and like their writes,

While some need to get a clue.

They are warm and they are friendly,

A true friend in them I shall always trust.

A moment when I need someone to turn to,

That Someone called a friend who write when they must.

They shower you with comments,

Which always manages to make your day.

When you are glum and down right in the mud,

They just send a nice little e-mail your way.

It's amazing how they can love you so dearly,

With everything in their heart they give its true.

I am mesmerized by the very talks about them,

I'm thrilled to know some Starlite friends in some of you.

There's Melinda whom we have a kindred blend,

A darling Sandi Alford whose always been the kind of friend.

There's Titus who makes your writes worthy to be read,

There's Brian the one who'll see you in forever to the end.

There's Danielle and Leva who always make you smile,

There's Tim who manages to send you a joke worthwhile.

Then there's AngelofGod who makes you feel like an angel true,

AnnD who was in Starlite by now she's a Site Manager in AP to all of you.

Uclamagic2 always makes you laugh when you don't want sometimes,

Star Patroller whose always around to unwind.

There's La Belle Rouge who puts love in AP and the Starlite Cafe,

But I'm glad Poet Raja I'm able not to lose track anymore Cos he's in AP anyway.

But I will say this and It's plain to see,

You have all been a blessing its true.

A divine little light always shines everyday,

And I love the way you make me feel in AP as if I was still new!!

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