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Life Is A Stage Waiting To Be Performed!

A table with books of poetry for sale.

I see the crowd awaiting for the performers to act,

Then up with the red silky curtains a romance unfolds.

The actors parade around like a well themed nutcracker,

Ah tis life a mere stage?

The actors sing and jump up in the air in ballet form,

Performing to their hearts ever so enchanting content.

Excitedly scurrying the stage from left to right,

A treat of excitement in their eyes.

Little children dancing and singing to a tune,

Their eyes light up as their parents are in the crowd.

A night falls onto the beauty of the mesmerizing gaze,

A nutcracker toy winds up and falls down.

Simple little dances and simple versed words,

The finality of the story is truth be known.

The masked of toys are soon revealed,

Thus bringing the story to a well applauded end.

The actors join hands all across the stage,

Bowing humbly down before the audience.

Children and adults are applauding in standing ovations,

The story has ended with a tear from a parents eye.

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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