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Little Marianne Doll

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Little Marianne doll your smile I remember,

As though yesterday was here.

But I remember the love I had for you,

And now I only have left is a lonely tear.

Your little brown hair and your nice pink dress,

All with smiles you did bring to me.

In every sad moment I ever had you smiled to me,

Never letting my spirit be sad to see.

I remember cuddling you close to my heart,

As though you had feelings you made me love too.

I smiled every time I had you near,

I'm sure wherever you are in the world you will love another true.

My father threw a whole bunch of my dolls out,

And you were one of them that did go.

My heart full of love all saddened by that day,

I want to tell you Marianne doll I miss you so.

All I have is a memory of when we were together,

Smiling and hugging each other when I didn't have a friend.

I hold your pink dress today and forever,

Because that is all I have and fond memories of you in my head.

I love you for all the days that do go by,

And days that I remember you in my little bed.

I'll remember one day when you and I will be together again,

Those memories will not fade cos I'll remember a smile instead!

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