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Love Of My Life

A table with books of poetry for sale.

There was once a love of my life that I loved before the one,

That I do have now in my life.

That I displayed so much affection to him once upon a time,

And now I've become someone Else's wife.

There was a time when I thought things would have changed,

But time would only later tell.

That I was no longer the girl that wanted his way of life,

And decided upon another fragrance to smell.

There was a moment in my heart that foretold the future,

I didn't quite understand.

That even in tears that were shed upon that moment,

And my love would take a stand.

There was a strong wind that had cast me side to side,

Releasing my fears from afar.

That in my moment of silence as I stood in the dark all alone,

And cast all my dreams into one lonely star.

There was that time when I knew that the one I had,

Him being my all in all forever.

That no matter where I go in this lifetime,

We will always be one together.

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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