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Newbie Alert

A table with books of poetry for sale.

A newbie someone who tries hard to belong to a group,

Sitting in their own pretty little place on the internet.

Thinking that all is serene and quiet up until someone hammers them,

With ideas and blocks that they seem to dawn in bliss to forget.

A newbie see's the world from angle to angle,

From even little moments of a side to side.

When they see the works of others they feel they cannot compare,

So instead of trying to impress others they run and hide.

They long to be loved in a place of acceptance,

But many a time they come to a place to hide from the rejection.

They puff up their body image and they chat in a chat box as much too,

But they hope that one day someone will notice them in their direction.

So a contest write about someone who is new to a room,

Would be a kind of deal to show that we care and admire their style.

For trying to put up a front sometimes and looming the rooms,

But still hanging out in the AP site for a little while.

So when you think of newbies just sit and do your thing,

But don't forget to think of that corner where they hang a smile.

For in that little corner is a pretty and maybe dark face,

But if they know they are accepted their poems will build a pile!

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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