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Not The Best: I'm Trophyless, Not Poemless

A table with books of poetry for sale.

I wish I was someone to be liked amongst the trophies,

But I am no reward.

My pennings ink blood every time I write,

And that's not exactly I had in store.

I've longed to be winning something to show that I could be,

A dance upon meadows would be rather nice too.

But I know I can be hopeless at times,

And yes I hold this in my heart true.

I've been to many sites and I'm very proud to say,

That I've come home to allpoetry and adopted a son.

TearsofIce has made me feel like something of worth,

I wish if someone built a Poet of me in front of everyone.

I'm a bit older than 16 I'm actually 31,

I've even lost a father last year to Cancer its true.

The darkest of my days have turned my poems to vents,

I'm still waiting on something nice maybe something else to do.

I've longed to be a Poet who was of worth to someone,

But I feel that someone doesn't exist.

So as you are Building a Poet please consider me,

I feel and know I'm a nobody and I know not how long this shall persist.

So when you think deep down in the murky gray waters,

Think of mud when you see me right now.

For I am sludging in my mud drenched shoes,

And a faceless image to me and my writes somehow.

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