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Ode to 2 That Fell in Love

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Two passionate people awaiting distances afar,

Hold eachother tightly and let the other comprehend.

To keep them safe until the one year is over,

And let their eternal love shower over them do send.

The beauty of two falling in love over the internet,

Its a beauty and divine as two who have loved from the start.

For in this moment of passionate awakening still,

Let the other only feel the passions of their heart.

Keep the two love birds from falling in their distances,

Keep the romance all beautiful inside.

Let the seas and the oceans hush in eachother's directions,

Let the arms of love open wide.

So when the ode of two strangers become lovers on the net,

Let them come together in a beauty of romance.

Because if you have asked me if I think if this is right,

I will tell you today this deserves the best of chance!

So today I wish you the truest of happiness that anyone can give,

Just hold on to your heart and your poems do send,

For in this beauty of you both there's so much to give,

And in this lifetime the love for you both will give time to mend.

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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