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Poetic Despair

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Poetic despair left her wings crushed,

By a moment that no one seemed to care.

Why would they leave the angel to die,

No arms to hold no one to be there.

She tried to help someone its true,

But they only hid behind a mask.

Never being quite true to their word,

Not much to feel but one lonely task.

A concrete angel with a lonely look,

A darkness clouds around her face.

What in the world were they thinking,

A memory soon everything to erase.

Poetic despair makes her sit forever,

Curled up with such sadness.

No one seemed to understand the hurt,

The world forgot her in the madness.

Broken wings no more flying still,

Her shadows remain close to her today.

A poetic despair in a concrete angel,

Another head hung low in dismay.

She calls out Please don't send another,

Please just listen to me.

The concrete angel lifts her head once more,

As she looks up she's calling to be let free.

Sweet Concrete Angel of Poetic Despair,..

Please come home.

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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