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Questions and Answers For You

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Do you feel the butterflies everytime you are around?

It could be a kind of love or just an attraction found.

Do you feel like you want to comb his wonderful hair?

It could be just that fact that he's always there.

Sometimes we get wrapped up with that interesting guy,

And we ask out our questions why oh why.

But the truth to this tale could be something more tis true,

Could be as simple as something that you love them too.

Do you feel like your heart beats faster when he walks by?

It could be just that twinkle in his eyes.

Do you just get all flirty when he's there in class?

It could be just a friendship or a lust that could pass.

Sometimes we get weak at our knees when something looks hot,

But time will tell when he's well um just not.

The truth is could he be something that you want at your side,

If not than keeping on doing something he won't see,. Hide.

Do you crave for his attention or just hanging out as a friend?

It could be just a start of a friendship you want nothing else to intend.

Could it be just the way he treats you when you look at him in a way?

Maybe these are the answers to your questions and the best of advice to stay.

Sometimes we overlook the ones that seem to get away,

When we really did intend them to stay.

So if your feelings are trust and true and you like him alot,

Give it your all and don't let him get away and give it a shot!

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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