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Searching For an AP Birthday

A table with books of poetry for sale.

I'm searching for an AP Poet's birthday,

I'm including all of you.

I would like to add it to my author list,

Please I can I add you too?

All I have is just one request,

Just when is your birthday please.

I promise you will not be spammed,

Its just going to my author list yes just me.

FifthDove gave me the idea,

And I want to put it into action today.

So please may I know your birthday friend,

And let it be as cheery in every single way.

You see a birthday is something special,

It represents all the things you have brought.

All the things people will learn so much from,

And even some battles you may have fought.

But all in all a birthday is like a death,

The celebration of the beginning to the very end.

When you think of a dear birthday,

Think of it like a lifelong journey that gives you tons of friends!!


So,.. when is your birthday? Mine is May 4th. And I'll be 32.


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