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She Was The Angelic Butterfly Of Love

A table with books of poetry for sale.

She grew her wings and we knew she was yet to love again,

When the moment came near I knew she would fall in love.

Knowing today was the day and every waking hour was a smile,

For it came like a radiant beam from up above.

She flew down and grabbed my hand and I was to love again,

I was to fall in love like a long time friend.

I knew tonight was going to be my night where I was to dance,

In the love enamoured embrace never to end.

She cast her sprinkles of angelic dust all around me,

She left her smile for me to be happy again.

Something about her presence made me fall in love,

For She was the angelic butterfly of love with this I came to understand.

She danced with the magic of a pure sweet love,

A sweet lil kiss upon my forehead to keep me close.

A enchanting movement of her fluttering wings,

An Angelic butterfly of Love came to me as the poetic verses flowed.

I danced and I loved every day of my life,

She came to see that she would always be near.

The love of her dance just shimmered my hair,

For she is the Angelic butterfly of love whose with me here!

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