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So In Love

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Rainbows and gummy bears are a drift in my bed,

Unto dreamers at night I dream of in my head.

Humble unicorns fly home it seems to me,

That Carebears really do exist in the land of the free.

Parfumed flowers are falling over where I lay,

And wishing more and more of it each day.

I could feel the refreshing waterfall mists too,

As I remember a memory of something so true.

I could take pictures as though for hours and hours,

A remember that sweet distinct smell of you in our shower.

Teardrops and rainfalls seem so distant at night,

Not a lightning to scare me not in your love I freight.

You've left penned pieces of what I meant to you on our day,

I remember as though it were yesterday instead of 4 years ago at bay.

Your warm smile and that flavoured kiss that warmed my heart,

I know it meant forever and I will never ever let it part.

Through rainbows and rainfalls and all that comes with our love its true,

There's only one man I'll ever love dear and that indeed is you!

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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