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Son, You'll Do OK

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Trust me Son, you are a good boy,

You always have been.

One day you will grow up to be just like me,

It's a good thing.

I was so proud when you came into your mother and mine's life,

We were so Blessed.

We held you close to our hearts,

Son, you are growing up quite fast.

Soon you will like girls, but not just yet.

You tell me, "Eww, stinky girls, I will never like them!"

You will change later.

We celebrate every year, your birthday, a blessing every time.

Son? Son? Are you awake as I sing you a song or two?

Daddy is right here when you hurt yourself at sport.

Mommy will make it better.

I know you don't call us that anymore but good ol' Mom and Dad.

My son, we are getting older and you are too.

Son, you are looking at all the pretty girls at school now.

Even bringing some home.

Let me remind you something, sometimes those girls will break your heart, but sometimes you will do the same to them, it's ok.

You will get over it, like I did.

You know about the bird's and the bee's and drugs and smoking.

We know we taught you well and we are thankful you talk to us.

You are not exactly an A+ student, but we know you try hard.

Son, that girl of yours is some girl, we are so happy you love her.

She will make a nice wife someday.

So you are driving now, it took you a bit, but there is no hurry.

Son? Son? Would you like me to sing you another song?

Would you like to sing it with me?

I am getting older and so is mom.

Soon you will be taking care of us, hopefully not.

Son, you are a good son, did I ever tell you that?

I am so proud of you and your new girlfriend and your engagement.

Son, you are such a good man, husband and father.

Son, I love you.

Thanks Dad!

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