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The Dark Fable

A table with books of poetry for sale.

He lives in darkest writes of rapture,

The mortal sleeps in heavens unknown.

Dark intriguing and mesmerizing of flesh eating wounds,

He takes thy hand no more covered in skin.

The blood it faces tragedy and pain,

It corrupts the inner souls that you embrace.

Deep in the darkness of your deadly knife,

You cut another piece of my heart.

Strong piercings flesh by flesh you deliver me from within,

To the death bed of thorns piercing me.

All my inner ways are no longer mine own,

For they have become the very bloody hunger vampiresh mortals.

Dark Fable comes to me in the night when I am dying inside,

Taking hold of my soul and eating out my heart.

My anguish of being who I am is no more,

As I've deteriorated into ashes in my grave.

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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