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The Official CB Room

A table with books of poetry for sale.

The official CB room is open for all,

Anyone who wants to just chat about stuff.

Or want to get together in Hula gear,

You can go into the dark side and rough it up.

Where would you like to explore to?

Do you need a place where everyone knows who you are?

Would you like to know that you are cared for?

Or would you rather just talk about your cool car?

Come and chat it up with your buds,

For The Official CB Room is Free!

You can doll yourself up and come from any walks of the earth,

Just be all you can be Internationally!

Where could you be understood?

Where could you be with people just like you?

Where could a new life stand around the corner?

Could it be The Official CB Room come true?

Come one and all!

To "THE OFFICIAL CB ROOM" (New and Improved)

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