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The Perfect Romp

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Chloe gets down on her hands and knees and licks Hayley's breasts, massaging them continuously. Hayley undoes Chloe's jean shorts and realizes Chloe's not wearing any panties. "Chloe, come here, let me feel you!"

Luca is peering through a window and see's the two getting off on each other. He's licking his lips wanting to be a part of it.

He takes off his shirt slowly and rubs himself on his chest, he then takes his left hand and puts it into his pants, rubbing himself harder and faster. He watches the two as they lay on the bed and go down on each other. Sixty-nine style has it for them. Hayley licks Chloe in and around her clit, sucking, licking, harder and faster. Chloe is so turned on, she's rubbing her hand where Hayley is sucking. Chloe has almost reached her orgasm. Luca feels displaced so he enters the room slowly, not trying to disturb the girls.

His pants are dragging on the floor and his hard cock is harder than ever. He wants to dive in and get a piece of the action. Hayley, slowly slithers across the bed over Chloe and licks her lips as she awaits her bait. Luca awaits patiently, rubbing himself harder and faster.

"Oh Luca, you are so big! I thought it would take forever before you would cum." Hayley says excitedly yet seductively. "I was waiting for you baby, then I saw the action and I had to join in, I want you." Hayley slips her long, fingers into Luca's mouth as Luca sucks on them. Chloe crawls over and gets into the business too. Chloe starts massaging and kissing Luca as Hayley enters him.

Harder and faster Hayley is going up and down on him. Chloe kisses him harder. Another man is peering through the window and checking out the action. Chloe notices him. Chloe begins to purr. "rrrr- I see some action, I want some more action". Chloe gets up and leaves Hayley kissing and making love to Luca.

Chloe walks across the floor, with her breasts all out and her full-figured body motionlessly moving towards the candidate. She's wondering who this man is, whether she may know him. She opens the window and rubs her breasts. "And who may you be?" She says softly. "I'm uh-uh, Luca's friend, I'm Tim".

Tim's thinking, yet wanting to touch her, he's getting hard by the moments passing by. Chloe places her hand on Tim's cock and says, "

Do you like this? Would you like me to do some more?" Tim nods. Chloe takes Tim by the hand and directs him to the floor beside where Hayley and Luca are getting on.

Tim looks at Hayley's hard rock body and licks his lips. Chloe notices. "You want a piece of Hayley, Tim?

We can join them in a second, I want some of you first though." Tim refocuses on Chloe and the beautiful bod she's got. "I want you, all of you sweet, sexy woman!" Chloe is getting excited. She tosses Tim's jeans on the floor. Takes him by the cock and then gets down on her knees, to take him inside her mouth. "mmm, mm, give it to me!" She's rubbing and stroking, harder and faster. Hayley turns her heavenly body around and squats down on all four's, "Luca, Give it to me!" She demands. Luca gets up and notices his cock is getting small. "Honey, I need a good licking!" So Hayley turns around and goes down on Luca and slowly enters him. Sucking his balls up and around.

Luca grabs her beautiful breasts, squeezing them in his upright position. He grabs her hair hard and places his other hand in his mouth and licks. " Come here honey, I wanna see what you taste like." Hayley continues to suck him aimlessly. His body tenses as he reaches his highest orgasm. She strokes his legs and continues to lick and suck. "I want you!" Luca breathes deeply as he shoots into her mouth. She swallows it whole.

Hayley takes her sweet time cleaning the mess off of Luca. She crawls on top of him and begins to enter him, slowly, and surely she's squatted on top of him, humping and panting and gasping, kissing as he grabs onto her breasts, playing with them. Harder, faster, more forcibly he pinches her nipples. "Ugh! Ugh! More, More baby, Ugh, Fuck me harder! Ugh! Ugh!" She screams in exotic pain. Hayley slowly and deeply breathes in and out laying on top of Luca. Both breathing deeply.

Tim continues to stroke Chloe, grabbing her pussy. She squirms a little. She continues to lick him and suck him off." I want you baby! Show me what you got!" Chloe licks him harder and harder til he can't take it anymore. She grabs him hard at the balls and plays with them, she plays with his cock in one hand and the other flicking him to see if it turns him on. It does.

Tim grabs her breasts and pulls himself up. Chloe likes it, she wants him more.

Hayley looks over her bed and notices Chloe's beautiful body. She throws herself to the floor and takes part of the action too. Hayley kisses Chloe's butt, and enters her vagina with her long finger nails. Licking and sucking,Chloe tingles inside, yet she's turned on. Luca gets up from the bed and wants some too. So Luca gets onto the floor and starts to shift himself into Hayley, pumping and grinding his teeth as Hayley sucks Chloe off and Chloe sucks Tim off. A lovely foursome. "Mmmm!"

Chloe wants more of Hayley by the minute and Luca is wanting Chloe to show him something too. So, Tim gets up and says "Chloe, enter me and show me what you got! I want you!" Chloe goes on top of Tim and enters him, panting and sweating she giggles with her hands on her breasts. Tim licks them continuously.

Feeling her body and pumping and grinding his teeth.

Sandra feels Chloe's beautiful hair and helps her in the humping on Tim.

Luca grabs Hayley by the breasts and leans over her to lick them, up towards her neck and across her jawline, locking into a passionate kiss.

Their hands are moving across eachother's bodies and passionately the fire breaks and they are again making love until the dawn arrives.

Chloe continues riding Tim until, they can no longer breath or gasp for air.

Chloe places her finger in Tim's mouth and Tim sucks. " I want you Tim" she yelps as she climaxes. "UGH! UGH! You want me baby! You got me! Ugh Ugh! UGH! Fuck me! UGH! AHHHH!" she screams with exasperation.

Slowly, yet deeply she locks into a passionate ever-lasting kiss.

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