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The Starry Stars of a Silver Serenity

A table with books of poetry for sale.

She can make you voice be heard with the beating of a drum,

The Starry stars of a Silver Serenity so warm.

She can wither the like the rose on its stem,

She can call you by sweet delicate thing as you take form.

She is the distant but ever so starry of the stars,

Not that much complicated you can tell who she is.

She's the starry star of the Silver Serenity afar,

She can enchant you with one humble kiss.

She can bring down the rains from the heavens above,

Until dark clouds all pass away in a moments chance.

She's chosen as the brightest of them all in the sky,

She's beyond beauty and a pleasant heart for romance.

She has intricate details to the words that is displayed,

Sweet seductions into a write that just allows fantasies come true.

She's the starry stars of a Silver Serenity,

She's been chosen to tell how much she loves all of you.

She can take your breath away in one write from the next,

Sounding off alarms and dances with her siblings in starry stars.

She's ever enchanting with what she says in your comments box,

She's the starry star of a Silver Serenity,..She loves you from afar!

~*~The Starry Stars Of A Silver Serenity~*~

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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