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Tim's Brother Said

A table with books of poetry for sale.


Gunned down

In a warehouse

Bunch of punks hoping

Maybe they got the guy

A friend to many of friends

But all of 16 and all gone now

Wasted blood pouring out to the side of head

A sadness engulfs the pain of mourners at a grave.

Sat in a pool of tears

Finding out a joke was real

A sadness pours over me he's gone

Friends holding hands in High School thinking

Pain of a friend who was everything to us has vanished.


Humbled laughter

Wanted to be an actor

Tim, will never know now

Newspaper read he was frozen

In a freezer and a blow to the head.

While others said other things and beyond

I received a phone call from a brother of loss

His brother told me that "I was the one who found his body!"

My body froze and I was numb, I couldn't feel my own being then.

Tim, I mourn myself to sleep

Realizing that years gone by now

The truth has been out now and it was drugs

Didn't even know you did that til now and I wish

Thoughts of you still are fresh in my mind and I'll never forget YOU!

Tim always and forever in my heart!


Timothy Guilbeault

September 9.1974 - March 18, 1991

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