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To The Hurricane Katrina Victims

A table with books of poetry for sale.

You didn't deserve this crime to be taken from you,

A home you called home once is but a shattered hut.

A place where peace was in unison with your neighbour,

But a solemn flooding environment where you are asked to leave.

Many hearts are adrift hearing that this is happening,

An overturn of a 9/11 we live through today.

During a path where everything seemed normalized,

Have you not been convicted to a life of displeasure.

Distances and oceans apart have given you hands,

A tear from a far off place has been placed in someone's heart.

This heart may be mine even if I don't know you,

But in this lifetime 9/11 impacted us as well as Hurricane Katrina.

We reach out to the lonely who have no one now,

We give pieces of our hearts and helping hands too.

A restful place where you can cover yourselves in shelter,

A life to be reborn because of a Hurricane that took it all away.

So dear hurricane Katrina victims know this one to be true,

A life from far off distances of help is coming.

Thousands are lending a hand through prayer or in their pockets,

But many a neighbour remember to give hope to you our friends!

**Note: Send your Pennies of Hope to Hurricane Katrina victims***

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