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Walking The Merry Ol Path

A table with books of poetry for sale.

Mesmerized by paths that bring us into many directions of our life,

A angel of hope of guidance, maybe even greater than us.

A perfect seduction of the pureness of our divine hearts,

Angelic in all she does without any fuss.

A inspiration of the paths of life where we are suppose to lead,

A journey for many and a dream waiting to be woken.

Tears may fall as you go on this journey,

But think of all the hope you bring with words spoken.

Walking the merry ol path hand in hand we shall journey,

A lifelong adventure never to end.

For as we walk this path into our futures,

We journey among a pathway of many friends.

Music in your hearts and joy in your mind,

A journey that can unmask many events its true.

Perhaps a journey you have long awaited for,

Or perhaps walking the merry ol path to fall in love too.

The end is a far place from where we have begun,

A time where you will learn a many ol task.

A journey into oblivion perhaps,

But tonight I'm going to be walking the merry ol path!

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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