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What Time Has Washed Away

A table with books of poetry for sale.

A poetic fire I live not in haste,

A lover's quarrel attained sheltered not.

Fears enveloping me does not stop,

By your side I fidget my love being my humble case.

So let's rejoin what once was,

In a poetic license kind of flare.

I've known us together how peculiar and fair,

I'd ask of you just because.

If I could turn the pages of time,

I'll remember the joys which we had.

I'll slide the happy times of love and even the sad,

But being with you makes me feel like a fine wine.

When I feel all alone I think of you sweetie pie,

I'm thinking of when I had no memories true.

But when I come back it is all about you,

The sweet love concaves in your delicate eyes.

Let's go off from this cold place my love,

And sing to lofty mountains please.

Dream a masterpiece with me,

I shall count my wishes when I'm living far above!

.... What time has washed away

  • Author: Marianne Trox
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